Sonntag, 7. März 2010

SAAS FEE and a dead CAR called "RIPITI"

first the worst news. our good old friend called "RIPITI" is dead. we tried the best to keep him alive, but in the end hanne and me lost the game. now it´s time to search a replacement car...
just came back from one week arlberg and saas fee with freddy and alessandro. first two days we went to arlberg with otto and tried to do some backcountry action there, but it was quit warm temperatures and quit hard to stick tricks. after otto traveled back to helsinki freddy and me made it to alessandro´s flat in saas fee.5h drive...
we didn´t have that much luck cause of a lack of snow and freezing windy conditions. but we did the best and got some shots in that forest and some icerides up on the glacier. sometimes it almost seemed to be summertime and just couple hours later it was super freezing cold.
now in ibk it´s dumping and back to universtity...damn..
will get some news from freddy, willi, aron and fabian, they made it for a 10 day trip to rumania....


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