Sonntag, 11. April 2010


last days we have been at kühtai to get the last powder of the season and some quateraction on some windlips.
first day I went there just by my own and gopro cam. it was such an epic day. I didnt expect powder at all, what a success!! at the end of the day I found one big run, untracked and in good condition I thought. So I called a friend and the next day we went there to climb for half an our to the top of the mountain. I already did thay run couple years ago, so I tought it could be quite safe, but it wasnt. We checked our Pieps and Marx dropped into the run first with gopro cam. in the middle he went on the side to film me coming down. So I dropped, did a backsideturn and heard while doing a fronsidespray the snow cracking around me. All the snow was just into small pieces! Trust me, you never want to have that feeling, I was so scared but did the right thing in that moment. I push my edge into the snow and crossed the slope. As you can see on the picture, the dimension of that avalance was big. Nothing happend to Marx and me!
So we are happy still to be alive.
That showed me once again, that I have to take even more attention to the current snow condition.

Enjoy your life


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