Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Saas Fee April/May Powderaction

Saas Fee was deffinatly the sickest place in europe in the end of the season.
With tones of powder comming down in the end of april we got plenty of possibilitys to build and shot.
Friedl and me shot the first week with our filmer taupi.
We had to fight with bad weather the first days but then it cleared the shit out of it and we got some nice days with fresh pow.
After Friedl and Taupi left I joined the crew of Fredi Kalbermatten , Aaron Hooper, Wyatt Stasinos and Doran Layborn.
We pretty much got out of bed every day around 5.30 in the morning and spending every day up there to build booters and to ride all kinds of glacierdrops and natural stuff.
Bad weather was allways a daily factor but with fredi`s eye for the mountain we managed to shoot in pretty much every weather conditions.
The boys from colorado around wyatt and doran where allways super on fire and showed big balls on everything we`ve been hitting and fredi landed pretty much every trick he pulled out.
Until a couple of days ago we still went up everyday and there is lots off pow on top of saas fee.
Thanks to Aaaron Hooper and all the guys for working so hard everyday to get good shots.
It`s been such a fun time with hell crazy partys and so much progressive riding.
Winter is never over :) and out !!!!
All the best.......Alessandro

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