Freitag, 1. April 2011

USA 1.0

After big anticipation cause of the bad winter in the alps, Fabian, Matthias and Filmer Freddy made their way to SanFrancisco.
Spending one night in SF, before we made it with our OldSchool Mercedes to Tahoe. Right after we arrived at our friends, Tyler Heffernan house a big blizzard came over the lake.
The next 5days we weren´t able to move some where, because we get everyday more than half a meter of fresh snow. Our Hippie Mercedes was totally covered with snow.
But we had so much fun, with just hiking up the backyard for hours and riding the nicest pow for the season.
Houses are burried and in the Drive Way there are 6 meter high sidewalls. On the last night before we left Tahoe for some shred in Mammoth, we had a pretty funny quater session right in front of the house. Thanks again to Tyler and Riana for hosting us so well.
For the last days we made Kevin Westenbargers home our home. Gypsies as always you know.
Yesterday we were in June for the Taco Tuesday. Tacos in the Park a nice Pipe and Quater.
The guys tried almost all day there, to improve their Miller Flip Styles.

For today, Mammoth MTN was on the Program. So much fun there as well.
We are heading back to Tahoe tomorrow, where we gonna meet the rest of our Crew Aron, Maxi, Stefano, Fizza and Hitsch.
Everybody is looking forward to move into our own house at South Lakes and have a blast together.
Stay tuned for some more Cali news!!

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