Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

ABC - Arlberg, Beer and Contusion

hey! to you people out there ... A week ago strong snowfalls were forecasted for the region around Arlberg, so a small crew composed of Freddy, Aron, Maxi and myself (Thaler), made the decision to spend a couple of days there, to enjoy deep pow and to get a couple of shots! At the first day it was snowing like shit and already around 40 cm of fresh covered everything like a beautiful white blanket! We started up hiking into the woods around Lech and nearly drowned in the snow! Later on we tried to find couple of spots for the next days, but everything turned out to be pretty scatchy cause of the hight risk of avalanches, so we decided to buy some beers and drive to our guesthose.

There an old lady welcomed us with some fine Schnaps and while gambling the boardgame 'Scottland Yard', we enjoyed some good old Schwechater beer!

The next day blue birds were smiling at us and after breakfast we headed to Zürs to check out two corner spots we saw the day before. It actually started up really good and successfull, but at the second spot Maxi made a pretty unlucky turn to the wrong side after sticking a nice bs5 and crashed with his board and torso on a rock! After some breathless seconds he was able to get up, but it was way to painful to go on, luckily he was wearing back protection! There was no sense for Maxi to stay, so he and Aron left to Innsbruck to the hospital to do some x-rays and get checked by a doc. Gladly it turned out to be 'just' a bad contusion and no inner organs were affected!

Freddy and I stayed one more day and due to foggy conditions we tried to shoot some pillows in the woods around St.Anton. Summing it up, it's been three days with its ups and downs and the big snowchasing will continue! Just couple words I want to say to you my friends! ... while our stay six people died in the area around Arlberg due to avalanches! ... so be aware, be equipped and don't fuck with the wrong Mexican, especially if he is called SNOW! stay healthy! warmest regards - Thaler

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